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Quick Guide: Finding Good Sales Comparables

Posted on 01/03/2016 by GeoData Plus

Thousands of real estate professionals use GeoData to find sales comparables in New York and New Jersey. With that in mind, we often focus on blog posts that deal with the ins and outs of finding good sales comparables and what constitutes a good comp. For your ease of use, we thought it would be helpful to put all of this information in one place as a quick and easy reference guide.

The Basics – How to Use Comparables to Determine the Value of Your Property.

Beyond The Basics – Arms Length, Flips and Foreclosures: Using Comparables to Determine Property Values.

Why GeoData? – If you want to know why so many appraisers use GeoData:

The Process – This video shows the specifics on how to find good comparables using GeoData:

Practical Application: Last but not least, we sat down with long time appraiser and GeoData customer Vincent Tamburello. Vincent explains what, how and when to use or not use certain comparables in a variety of valuation scenarios:

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